Occupational Therapy

Freedom in Daily Activities

Helping individuals achieve optimum independence in day-to-day activities like dining, bathing, dressing, and homemaking is accomplished by encouraging therapists in a fully functional treatment area complete with a full kitchen setup and one-bedroom suite. By simulating a natural home environment, we can better prepare our residents for a return to a natural daily life.

Exclusive Settings for Individual Needs

  • Realistic home setting provides an ideal environment for education and training
  • Broad range of assistive/adaptive devices for training and trial use
  • Private treatment areas for patients with cognitive or perceptual challenges
  • State-of-the-art therapy equipment to enhance treatment effectiveness for patients affected by stroke, chronic pain, orthopedic injury, contracture management, or urinary incontinence:
  • Electrical stimulation for motor reeducation, pain management, edema reduction
  • Ultrasound for decreasing inflammation or pain and increasing tissue elasticity
  • Diathermy for increasing tissue elasticity or decreasing inflammation and pain

Opening the Door to Freedom

Our licensed therapists work with physicians to carefully plan an individualized course of at-home therapy upon discharge. Thorough home evaluations will suggest adaptive changes to enable optimal independence for each patient returning home. We also provide educational materials, personalized exercise programs, and available community resources for continued recovery. Patients involved in our outpatient program regularly interact with therapists to continually accomplish goals and ensure the highest quality of life possible.