Speech Therapy

Communication for Life

Speech and language disorders – unless treated properly – can rob a healthy person of his or her confidence, motivation, and even happiness. Difficulty in finding the right words, expressing and understanding language, slurred speech, and swallowing disorders can all lead to feelings of isolation and a potential negative impact on a person’s well being. We provide treatment to assist clients in improving their ability to speak clearly or utilize other effective communication methods.

Committed Therapy by the Best

Our onsite therapists are some of the best in their field. Directing our speech therapy program is licensed speech therapist Sandra Rucker, MS, CCC, SLP, who has been involved with speech recovery for more then 30 years, working closely with both physicians and their patients. Her extensive experience with various disorders is enhanced by a strong sense of caring and patience with each person undergoing therapy.

Our program addresses a broad range of speech and language disorders, including:

People with…

  • Dysphagia (swallowing disorder)
  • Language disorders, including expressive and receptive aphasia, word-finding problems, difficulties with reading comprehension, writing and math computations
  • Cognitive linguistic deficits including orientation, memory/recall of information, and problem-solving challenges
  • Speech problems such as dysarthria, slurred speech, and voice problems

We take great care to monitor each patient with support, encouragement, and respect throughout each therapy program. We also encourage family involvement, which can accelerate progress and confidence in the patient while educating the entire family group about continued therapy.

Special Considerations:

  • Water supports body weight, reducing stress on joints and making movement easier. The pool environment also reduces weight bearing on the legs, allowing improved mobility for those with restricted weight bearing due to orthopedic injuries.
  • Private room for speech therapy encourages confidence and comfort in a secure environment
  • Exclusive rehabilitation dining area for people undergoing swallowing challenges
  • State-of-the-art treatment equipment for improved treatment of swallowing disorders (VitalStim Therapy)
  • Onsite endoscopic swallow studies available with physician orders
  • Electro larynx for training and trial use
  • Thorough transition programs to assist patients and their families after discharge